Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the organizing Committee, it is a pleasure to invite you to the FEBS Workshop on tumour heterogeneity, immunotherapy and cellular metabolism.

The main goal of the meeting is to enhance basic research by bringing together basic researchers, clinicians and translational scientists. The invited speakers cover a wide range of breast cancer research including tumour heterogeneity, cellular metabolism, immunotherapy and targeted therapy. This workshop will summon diverse researchers, providing an opportunity to discuss recent developments and new areas of cross-fertilization of between those fields.

The first day of the workshop will focus on breast cancer heterogeneity with six lectures, poster presentations and short presentations. The main topic of the second day is the immunotherapy of breast cancer with nine lectures, poster session and short talk presentations. The final day of the workshop will focus on the issues of breast cancer cellular metabolism with seven lectures and a round-table discussion.

The invited speakers cover different aspects of breast cancer research. Eight invited speakers are prominent scientist from the area of translational medicine, 4 are bioinformaticians, 2 are pathologists and 7 are clinical oncologists. 
The geographic distribution of speakers is similarly diverse - 5 lecturers will come from USA, 1 will come from Japan and 15 from Europe – including 2 from Italy, 2 from Germany, 1 from Belgium, 2 from UK, 1 from Denmark, 1 from Turkey, 1 from Israel and 5 speakers from Hungary. Breast cancer researchers with both established research portfolio and with dynamically improving publication characteristics were selected.

The planned meeting will be a good occasion for young scientists to discuss, brainstorm, get inspiration and form research co-operations with the lead scientists in these respective fields in the Central European Region. Young Travel Fellowships will also be available upon application/selection procedure for graduates and fellows up to 5-years after their PhD.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Budapest for an exciting and memorable scientific meeting.

Balázs Győrffy, 
Course Organizers


  • Registration Opening
    1 November 2017
  • Abstract submission closing
    31 January 2018
  • Youth Travel Fund Grants application closing
    26 January 2018
  • Registration closing
    31 January 2018

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