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Programme features

Plenary Sessions

Eight Plenary Sessions will each be introduced and moderated by leading scientists acting as discussion leaders. An introduction to the topic of each particular symposium will be given by the chairperson.

Session 1. Tumour heterogeneity I. (chair: Thomas Karn, Germany)
Session 2. Tumour heterogeneity II. (chair: Saraswati Sukumar, USA)
Session 3. Immunotherapy I. (chair: Giampaolo Bianchini, Italy)
Session 4. Immunotherapy II. (chair: Lajos Pusztai, USA)
Session 5. Immunotherapy III. (chair: Libero Santarpia, Italy)
Session 6. Cellular metabolism I. (chair: Ubaldo Martinez Outschoorn, USA)
Session 7. Cellular metabolism II. (chair: Takayuki Iwamoto, Japan)
Session 8. Cellular metabolism III. (chair: Christos Hatzis, USA)

Selected Short Talks

Selected talks (10 minutes including discussion) will be delivered by participants (seniors, post-docs and PhD students). These presentations will be selected by the Scientific Advisory Board on the basis of submitted abstracts.


Posters will be displayed on poster boards in a dedicated area at the venue, and should not exceed 841 mm (width) × 1189 mm (length).

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